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If you're in search of information about the coaching career of Nili Bachar, you have arrived at the right spot. נילי בכר In this article we'll look at Bachar's leadership abilities and how he connects with his players. You will also learn about his ability to endure the loss. נילי בכר In whatever the position that he plays in his football career, Bachar is a leader you can learn from. It is possible to watch the video of Bachar training on the internet.

The willingness of his team to accept defeat

A former soccer player and current coach of Beersheba has expressed his admiration for Nili Bachar's capacity to accept the defeat, and then learn from it. Bachar has been with Beersheba for the past five years, starting his coaching career in 2011. נילי בכר Prior to joining the club, he played for Ironi Kiryat Shmona. At the time when he was a coach, he joined the club, and has continued coaching the team in various capacities.

In the initial season, Bachar played as an outfielder for the Israel National Team, but was still a promising junior. Bachar was a winner of the UEFA Youth League in the next year and advanced into the semifinals of the Champions League. It was a remarkable feat considering the team's youth level. נילי בכר The team won 11 games in a row. נילי בכר The next day, however they played Inter Milan in the Italian League which meant that Bachar's squad found itself in a dire position. He substituted Loai Taha, the defensive player, with Maharan Radi, a midfielder. The midfielder admitted defeat.

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